Stephen Malkmus and Sears?

Did I seriously hear a Stephen Malkmus song in a Sears commercial?






4 responses to “Stephen Malkmus and Sears?”

  1. mike Avatar

    Oh man I hope not. I really don’t want think about Sears while listening to Malkmus. It’s bad enough that every time I hear Led Zeppelin’s “Rock n Roll” I think of Cadillacs. That song is just plain ruined now.

  2. AcousticRoss Avatar

    I heard it too. Sure sounds like him at least.

  3. Christapie Avatar

    I don’t know who this is, but it looks like others on the web are equally surprised. I Googled it and found:

  4. taromsn Avatar

    Oh god, I remember hearing Oh Mandy by Spinto Band on a Sears commercial. When will they stop ruining songs?