No OC for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The New York Times article on CYHSY mentioned they were offered an appearance on the OC.

The buzz even persuaded producers of “The O.C.,” which is known for its indie rock soundtracks, to ask Clap Your Hands to perform on the show. The band turned it down. Too much popularity, after all, can diminish one’s credibility.

“I don’t like the idea of being overexposed,” said Mr. Ounsworth, who is dark in appearance and in demeanor. “Vincent van Gogh never sold a painting, and he was perfectly content.”

“Of course he killed himself,” one of the twins pointed out, more lighthearted.

“Perhaps that wasn’t the best example”


One response to “No OC for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”

  1. this is only marginally related, but I thought it was funny… from McSweeney’s.

    I Can Never
    Recall the Name
    of Brooklyn’s
    New Hip Band.
    – – – –
    I’m Clapping as Fast as I Can
    Clap Your Hands Together Like This
    All Clap Hands, That’s Right!
    Yes, I’m Clapping, OK?
    Clap, Clap, Clap for the Band