Cutie Land

I was watching Michaela and McKenzie on Saturday and we decided to make a Cutie Theater themed board game called Cutie Land. Check out this picture of it.

The object is to get from Earth to Mars and then back to Earth. If you’re a cutie and a robot lands on you, you have to go back to the last planet you were on. You do the same if you’re a robot and a cutie lands on you. Occasionally you have to pick up Cutie Cards which tell you what to do (go forward 3 spaces, lose a turn, etc.)

My photo printer came in handy making the cool game pieces.


5 responses to “Cutie Land”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    hahaha, oh man that is so great

  2. That’s great! Better than CheapAssGames!

  3. JoanneG Avatar

    oh. my. god.

  4. where can i get my hands on that? please say they’re at Kay Bee and under twenty dollars.

    I’m SO getting one tomorrow.

  5. BridgetB Avatar

    Ben, you are just the best Uncle!!