Cutie Theater: Episode 4

To everyone who has been pestering me about Episode 4, here it is!

Make sure you watch the other episodes first if you’re new to Cutie Theater.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4


3 responses to “Cutie Theater: Episode 4”

  1. This one’s my favorite. You even left a continuity error for Fan Boys and Girls to find.

    Geeky1: Did you notice during the fight scene at robot headquarters when the tall robot is defeated his mask comes off? You’d think they could have edited that out.

    G33kerThanThou: Do you really think that was a mistake? It was clearly a nod to Star Wars. You know, in ROTJ when Luke takes off Vader’s mask and we see Anakin for the first time-

    JimmyTheGeek: Yeah, that was cool! Hey, is there any Jolt left?

    G33kerThanThou: Uncle Ben was showing us the man behind the machine. I think that the tall robot was Uncle Ben, did you notice that? It could be a nod to M. Night Shyamalan, too. He always has a bit part in his movies.

    NouveauGeek: I thought Episode IV came out first.

  2. Hah. We did a few takes with that scene and I think my mask fell off every time.

    Another interesting note: Michaela’s robot (square head)’s eyes fell off constantly so it was no surprise when they fell off in her death scene. The crashing sound came out great when slowed down. That was the actual sound and not a stock effect like we used for the furnace.

  3. When are the prequels coming out?