Gig @ The Eleven East Cafe this Friday

I just got added to the lineup for this Friday at The Eleven East Cafe in Glassboro, NJ w/ Kilpatrick and the Stand In. I’m opening up the show in their “Remix Room” where I’ll be playing a 30 minute set of mostly originals.

Check out EEC’s Virtual Tour. It’s Wizardry-esque and I half expected to fight skeletons if I took a wrong step.

Kilpatrick promises to promise not to play Cisqo’s Thong Song, but that’s never stopped him from playing it before.


3 responses to “Gig @ The Eleven East Cafe this Friday”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    I might stop by with some friends. Will Jeanne be there?

  2. Awesome. She’ll probably be there.

  3. Kristin Avatar

    Cool, see you guys then!