Philadelphia Smoking Ban Passes

Well it looks like the smoking ban may come to Philadelphia after all.

By a 10-7 votes margin City Council this morning approved amendments that clear the way for a citywide smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

An earlier version of the measure was withdrawn in March after it became clear that it didn?t have enough votes to pass.

The amended version exempts sidewalk cafes, offers a wavier to private clubs and gives bars an extra two years to comply with the law. For others the smoke-free rules kick in next January.

Does this mean smokers will venture across the Delaware? Maybe not according to our (cue Jon Lovitz) acting Governor.

TRENTON – Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey predicted yesterday that New Jersey will have a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars before he leaves office.

Finally, I’ll be able to quit that second hand smoking habit I’ve had for years.


3 responses to “Philadelphia Smoking Ban Passes”

  1. JohnS Avatar

    Now I get it, he’s not really governor, he’s just.. ACTING!

  2. Jon Lovitz was really underrated on SNL.