HBO Cancels Carnivale

From CNN

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) — HBO has pulled up stakes on “Carnivale,” opting not to order a third season of the circus-set Dust Bowl drama.

“We have decided not to renew ‘Carnivale,’ ” said Carolyn Strauss, president of entertainment at HBO, in a statement. “We feel the two seasons we had on the air told the story very well and we are proud of what everyone associated with the show has accomplished.”

Dear HBO,

You are a bunch of dicks.



9 responses to “HBO Cancels Carnivale”

  1. Well said. ‘Carnivale’ gets good and gets axed, and ‘Six Feet Under’ gets to slog along forever? Unbelievable.

    Well, at least this way Jonesy won’t have to die several more times.

  2. Six Feet Under was really good for three seasons, but season 4 dragged on.

    They said an episode of Carinvale cost twice as much to make as an episode of Six Feet Under, though.

  3. From what I’ve read, this next season of Six Feet Under will be the last.

    Personally, I’d like to see HBO cancel all of its shows and get back to actually showing movies. Every night I turn it to that freakin’ station, they’re either showing Deadwood or Carnivale or some other show that I have no interest in watching. They’re turning into the MTV of movie channels. [/rant]

  4. Do you have digital cable? If so, you should use On Demand to watch the movies.

    I think the shows are the only reason you’d want to watch HBO.

  5. Unfortunately we have DirecTV, so no On Demand for us yet.

    Actually, Six Feet Under is the main reason we watch HBO anymore. The wife and I were talking last night about ditching HBO after Six Feet Under is done and getting a different movie station package. We’ll see…

  6. What about NetFlix?

  7. zahno Avatar

    I’ll give you season two, it got much better. But season one was just way too obtuse, round and round, never getting anywhere. I think season one doomed the series by killing audience interest early – at least broad audience interest.

    And I agree with whoever said the original shows are the only reason to HAVE HBO. The Wire is the best show on television. Who wants to fight me on that? LET’S GO!!

  8. I’ve heard great things about The Wire but haven’t checked it out yet. The comparisons to “Homicide” piqued my interest, though, because I loved that show. “Oz” was really good too.

  9. zahno Avatar

    The one thing keeping it from being more popular is how dense the story is. If you miss an episode, you miss a lot. They wrapped up all of the loose ends last season (the third), presumably because they worried that was it for the show – but I suspect that they wanted a more viewer friendly start to next season (which is in the works.) Seasons 1 and 2 are on DVD, though, and definitely worth it.