No More Anonymous Comments

Sadly, I had to turn off the ability to post comments anonymously, due to 300 porn spams posted this week. Thanks a lot assholes.


9 responses to “No More Anonymous Comments”

  1. Dammit, that’s the only reason I come to this site.

  2. surfer7 Avatar

    I have a better idea if you want to keep anonymous comments available.

    Add some sharp code in your comment script to look for certain bad keywords like adult-rated stuff and profanity prior to posting it. This will weed out things like that and allow us to keep the fun of anonymous posts.

  3. Ah, Ben, I believe you meant to say CRUNKholes.

  4. On a lighter comment, I took up your recommendation of Aunt Berta’s and went to dine these today. It was delicious! Thanks for the tip.


  5. That sucks, Ben. It’s a shame that you can’t run your site the way you want to because the offenders didn’t have the courage to be real exhibitionists, but rather chose to hide behind their anonymity on the internet. Bad form!

  6. They do it to improve their ranking on google. There were a bunch of links to their porn sites and they were trying to make it look like I was linking to them.

  7. Porn spam isn’t the only problem though. There’s also spams for mortgages, erectile dysfunction drugs, and online poker.

  8. I located a possible fix. I’ll try and install it sometime soon.