Cool Photo from Australia

My mom sent me this interesting photo she took in Australia.

I wonder who it is? It kind of looks like John Malkovich.


6 responses to “Cool Photo from Australia”

  1. That’s who I thought it was! Actually, I thought someone put a cut out of a picture of John Malkovich’s head on the windowsill. Either way, very strange.

  2. Hey Jen.

    Oh yeah, I didn’t really think it was someone’s blue-shaded head in the window. It’s a cut out, but I think it’s definitely John Malkovich.

    If they really wanted to make it creepy, they should put a little blue hand next to the head.

  3.  Avatar

    that is so fake its not even funny. Whoever made the pic has poor photoshop skills.

  4. It’s not a fake photo. It’s a photo of a fake, sun-bleached face in the window.

  5.  Avatar

    it’s OBVIOUSLY peter garrett from midnight oil. that might be his apartment! 😛

    – james

  6. It looks like part of a cardboard cut-out, maybe, from Being John Malkovich. It reminds me the of the cut-outs U-Haul has in their storage places, which I always assumed were a sort of security. Although, why you’d ever think Spock and Captain Kirk were guarding the U-Haul is beyond me.