Web Zen’s Prank Zen introduced me to some high quality comedy. Some of my favorites include:

1. TGI Fridays menu switch
2. Harvard Sucks
3. Fake plaque on a San Francisco tunnel (I think I walked right past this tunnel last summer, too)
4. McDonalds Bathroom Attendant
5. Best Gig Ever (recently featured on NPR’s This American Life)

And of course, everybody’s all time favorite from Shizzy: Shizzy Takes on Starbucks


3 responses to “Pranks”

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    That “Best Gig Ever” prank is like one of Oprah Winfrey’s Random Acts of Kindness. That would have to be the nicest thing in the world for a no-name band to be punk’d like that, considering they probably never knew it.

  2. They found out about it 3 days later. I didn’t hear the NPR interview, but supposedly they talked to the guys in the band, too. When they found out the joke they were crushed, but eventually got over it. Now they think it’s funny.

    Improv Everywhere’s posted a followup to Best Gig Ever with comments from the band.