Guero Day

Beck’s new album, Guero, comes out today. I’ll let you know how it is.

Watch the video for E-Pro while you’re waiting. Visually it’s great, but it might induce vertigo.

Update: I went to marsRED to get it, but they were closed. I was there at 7:02PM and they close at 7:00.

Update #2: I went to Tower in Cherry Hill and picked it up there with a gift card I had from Christmas. Guero was playing when I went in the store. I also picked up Television’s Marquee Moon. The cashier next to my cashier asked my cashier if he had the Television album yet. The non-working cashier then nodded approvingly in my direction, although clearly I have owned the album for less than 11 seconds.

Update #3: I meant to bring in the Guero CD to rip it, but I left it in the car and I already took my shoes off.

Update #4: Put shoes on, went out to the car, couldn’t find the CD.

Update #5:The CD was in my CD case all along, but I didn’t recognize it since it’s one of those CDs with no words on it. The shoes are off again. The ripping has begun and in the next post I’m going to give impressions for each song.


3 responses to “Guero Day”

  1. Marquee Moon rocks.

  2. The best tracks are the “See No Evil” (the end is really cool), “Venus DiMilo”, “Prove it”, and “Friction”.