And the Winner is… Mr Platinum

Last night was the exciting conclusion to Shoot and Let Die. It started with 117 players, but ended up with only 2: Mr Platinum (Waldorf) and Mr Ivory (Bride). Since Mr Platinum had more points, he won by decision.

I was Mr Burlywood this game and did slightly better than I usually do. I made it to the 6th round before getting killed by Mr Fuschia (Sandusky) and Mr White (big-a).

If I have enough players signed up I’m going to start the next game on Monday. So head right now to sign up for All’s Well that Odd’s Well.


3 responses to “And the Winner is… Mr Platinum”

  1. We Killer B’s were a lot more successful as an alliance than I expected us to be. It was fun discovering I’d actually collaborated with you for once!

  2. Sucessful for you maybe!

  3. ha… yeah… it was all well and good until you got near the top of the scoreboard, and suffered the same fate we all tend to suffer when we get there…