And the Winner is…. No One!

It was bound to happen again. In the first game of Odd Man In there was no winner. Everyone died. It can happen when A shoots B, B shoots C, and C shoots A.

That’s what happened in the 10th round of A View to an Autokill. Mr Indigo (smonahan), Mr Mocha (jackal) and Mr Rust (wonkavator) all made it into the final round but none of them made it out.

After the smoke cleared, the players made their comments.

smonahan: “The only thing better than winning is bringing everyone else down with you.”

wonkavator: “For the record, I didn’t flinch.”

jackal: “I would like to change my vote.”

As far as everyone else, BigExit nearly won his 2nd game in a row and made it to the final four as Mr Khaki. He’s clearly one of the best players in the game. He’s been alive for 29/30 rounds.

Once again, I had a horrible showing. I made it to the 3rd round as Mr Beige.

Make sure you join the next game, Shoot and Let Die. It will be starting as soon as we recruit enough players. Make sure you check the rules page for any updates since last game.

Thanks to TIG Source for the plug.


2 responses to “And the Winner is…. No One!”

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    BigExit isn’t nearly as good as people think he is.

  2. Maybe he is lucky, but he must be doing something right.