I do beans

So let’s say you’re a struggling male model trying to get work. You shoot some promising ads and commercials, but nothing really comes out of it. Then one day you realize you’ve been the Taster’s Choice guy for 16 years.

Russell Christoff, a former model from Northern California, posed for a two-hour Nestle photo shoot in 1986 but figured it was a bust — until he stumbled across his likeness on a coffee jar while shopping at a drug store in 2002.

He first came across his picture while shopping for bloody mary mix, and says there’s a good reason he didn’t spot it sooner.

“I don’t buy Taster’s Choice,” he said. “I do beans.”

A judge awarded him $15.6 million beans.


3 responses to “I do beans”

  1. Some woman at Home Depot told him “you look like the guy on my coffee label” once also.

    15.6 Million. Woah.

    I thought the guy was kinda snotty to be honest when he was on GMA this morning.


  2. He sounded snotty from the article, but he deserved it.

  3. Oh yes for sure, they can’t just use his picture without telling him or paying him. Lord that is kinda creepy too to be honest.