Mr White Won the Holiday Shootout

It’s over! My good friend Mike Blake won the Holiday Shootout as Mr White. In the last game, he was the notorious Mr Pink who screwed up the end game for a few players.

Some highlights of this game were a surprise opening round where me and 7 other players opened fire on Mr Indigo (who turned out to be Jason Vertucio!). For that we got dubbed the “Crazy Eights” alliance and were systematically hunted down and killed.

Another highlight was the intensity of rounds 6 and 7 where at first no one died and then half the players were killed. White backstabbed me (Mr Salmon) and cruised to victory.

And yes, Mr Azure who taunted players with comments like, “At least I have guts enough to show my face. You – little girly man – hiding behind your question mark – like your mama’s skirt” and “Be afraid of my Azure self” turned out to be my mom.

In my opinion, Mr Silver and Mr White made the right moves in the final round. Mr White shot Mr Crimson and Mr Silver shot no one. This denied Mr Crimson a victory no matter what move he made, so he decided to choose the winner. This left Mr White the first ever completely solo winner.

Congratulations to everyone who played and good luck to the first game of the new year, OMI 2005!

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2 responses to “Mr White Won the Holiday Shootout”

  1. And now you know why I hate the game.

  2. I would also like to add that “Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (demo)” by Fall Out Boy ( is the best song.