Sarah Allen @ the Tree House

I just got back from seeing Sarah’s show at the Tree House. She sounded familiar and great. The place was packed with her friends and fans, anxious to hear her for the first time since she moved to North Carolina. They all seemed a little older than I remember them being, but that’s because they are. I could listen to her play all day, but my stupid cold started kicking up big time. After 2 or 3 coughing fits I decided I probably shouldn’t infect the whole town so I jetted during the break. I forgot to snag one of the CDs she had before I left, too.

Matt Winn played a great set during her break and I wish I could have stayed for the rest of it.


3 responses to “Sarah Allen @ the Tree House”

  1. I have a CD. I could burn a copy for you.


  2. How many songs are on it?

  3. seven, i think.

    i lost the XD in my room . . . it’ll turn up. My room ain’t all that big.