Asshole of the Year

Every year a certain number of people go the extra mile in screwing things up for everyone. Kuro5hin has nominated a great list of 2004’s biggest assholes.

Karl Rove
Michael Moore
Scott Peterson
Michael Jackson
Lynndie England
Jesus “The Christ”
Jessica Simpson
The scumbag who shot Dimebag Darrell
Vladimir Putin
“The Donald”
Psycho Dave (and all the other dipshit “bloggers”)

Read on for my vote.My top choices were Vladimir Putin, Lyndie England, and the scumbad who shot Dimebag Darrell. It’s hard to even get mad at Michael Jackson anymore.

In the end, I think Putin was the biggest asshole of the year. His rolling back of democracy in Russia is one of the worst things I’ve read all year. Lynndie England might have screwed us up for 10 years. Putin could screw us up for 50.