Survivor: Vanuatu

Disclaimer: Yes, I understand I’m somewhat of a loser for like Survivor so much.

Chris’s comeback to win Survivor: Vanuatu was unreal. The men were outnumbered 4 to 6 and the female alliances voted out Rory, Sarge, and Chad. Everyone thought Chris would be next but he hung in there and played a flawless game right into the finals. His performance in the final tribal council will probably go down as the best ever, especially since he tricked Twila into pissing off a few of the jury members. He seemed to know what to say to swing Eliza and Julie to vote for him and that was all he needed. Great job Chris.


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    I’ve been one of the biggest Survivor junkies, but I couldn’t watch this one. I watched a little bit of maybe 2 episodes, and it didn’t pull me in at all. It didn’t seem to have the characters, reminded me of the Thailand season.
    But I hear it had lesbians going for it.

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