DB3 Pixies Show Review

Matt Handel of the Dave B Trio posted his review posted of Sunday’s Pixies show. In short, he agreed with me on the Bennies, actually liked the Datsuns, and thinks the Pixies are overrated.

The Bennies
The Bennies played well. As I believe it was mentioned, I find it a little weird that the bassist is singing songs that don?t really fit with their sound. At least with Brett, his songs were cheesy but they fit.

The Datsuns
Everybody said this band sucks. Well I?m here to say that this band is pretty good. Yea, they played a lot of solos. But I?m guessing that?s because, technically speaking, both guitarists were pretty much incredible

The Pixies
I?ll say this about the Pixies. You love them, hate them, or realize that they are somewhat influential and feel pretty indifferent. The third one is me. I mean some of the songs are good, maybe borderline great?but the other songs amount to a big fat guy sweating and yelling into the microphone.

Read the rest to hear about sitting near a possibly bitter ex-member of the Bennies, how the Datsuns compare to DB3 guitarists, and what he thinks makes the Pixies unique.

I have one more quote of his to post:

Take for example the very unsold out Frank Black show I attended a few years back. Other bands like Jane?s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers I feel made better post 90s come backs.

I was at that Frank Black show in 2002 and while it wasn’t sold out, it wasn’t exactly empty either. Maybe I am just biased because I don’t really like their music, but was Jane’s Addiction’s comeback really that successful? Did they sell out two nights at Tweeter? I don’t even know how you could measure whether one reunion tour was successful or not if they’re both touring all around and selling out shows. Also, did the Chili Peppers even reunite? The longest break they’ve taken between albums is four years. It takes John Frusciante that long to match his socks.