Odd Man In Suggestions

Ok, now that the game is pretty stable I might want to tweak the rules again. I need feedback from people who have played. I want to strike a balance between rewarding alliances and rewarding backstabbers. The fun of the game is outsmarting people, but it still feels a little too random. A game where you have little control over whether you live or die won’t keep it’s appeal very long.

I’ve been toying with two ideas.

1. Allowing players to send a message to multiple players at a time. This would encourage alliance building and communication because you could verify that Player X is saying the same thing to you as he is to somebody else.

2. Instead of lowering the point value for having more players in on a kill, increase it. So if two players shot someone they’d get 2 points each instead of 0.5 points each. If 4 players shoot someone they’d get 4 points each instead of 0.25. This would really reward alliances. It would probably also make games a lot longer since less people would die per round.

3. Changing the decision rule for when two players are left. Instead of a comparison of their points, have it so a higher score will just make it more likely that they will win. For instance, if Mr Blue has 10 points and Mr Green has 5 points, Mr Blue would have a 2/3 chance of winning and Mr Green would have a 1/3 chance of winning.