Washington DC Baseball

So the Expos are moving to Washington, DC and now they need a new name. If you go to this site, you can suggest a new name for the team. I came up with a pretty good name, The Washington Whips. It has plenty of political and promotional appeal. Republicans and Democrats each have their party whip and every time a Whip pitcher strikes someone out they could play a whip crack sound. Devo could play on opening day. Their mascot could be either an Indiana Jones type or a dominatrix. It’s the perfect name, so go now and suggest it so they don’t end up as the Washington Monuments.


4 responses to “Washington DC Baseball”

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    It’s not bad, but how about the Washington Wife Swappers? Just imagine the promotional possiblities…

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    Whip, it good!
    I mean, I like that

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    i just suggested the Washington Carvers.