Open Mic Recap @ The Caribbean Crab

Wednesday night I went to Justin’s open mic over at the Caribbean Crab in Oaklyn. It was kind of dead, but I had a good time. I played “Let’s Go Moon Some Cars” by Beck and then a set of originals. I planned to end with “That’s the Way the World Goes Round” by John Prine, but Adam requested “Alright Guy” by Todd Snyder. During the song I broke a string, which has been typical of my crab performances. I need lighter picks.

Justin played a bunch of good songs including some David Bowie songs. I didn’t really get to hear anyone else because from 9:30 – 12:00 is was just me and Justin playing.

They do a raffle each week and last night Adam won a Jetsons dixie cup dispenser and some other guy won naked-man playing cards. Someone else won a can of cherry coke and a devil dog. I think most of the items were taken from Justin’s house.


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    Ben, I really enjoyed your set last Wed. night – It was fun because at the end of the night – someone won a stringless guitar! Most of the items were taken from My house – except of course for the NAKED MEN CARDS – and various AC souvenirs – they came from Justin and Jaclyn’s Atlantic City adventure. I don’t usually play with Naked Men cards…just wanted you to know I was checking out your website – Take care –
    Gail aka Justin’s mom

  2. Thanks. What kind of guitar was it?

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    i’m not sure what kind of guitar it was, but i don’t think it was anything too great… but, hey, it IS a guitar. maybe it can be saved…

    hope to see you, jean and others again soon! – – – – – jaclyn