An electronic, indie-rock, hip-hop duo? I saw RATATAT when I was out in San Francisco and they were amazing. Here’s a quote from the Pitchfork review of their self-titled album.

Ratatat is a collaboration between lead guitarist Mike Stroud and bedroom producer Evan Mast, with piercing sheets of guitar and synthesizer yoked to a bass-heavy metronomic grid. The project marks a new direction for both musicians: Evan Mast’s 2001 debut as E*vax, Parking Lot Music, was a stroll through a collection of debris both sleek and gritty, while Mike was known for ripping it up on stage with Ben Kweller and Dashboard Confessional. With Ratatat, however, the pair establishes a plush, crisp sonic space, and then holds court there for a good three quarters of an hour.

Check out this free song, Seventeen Years.