Adrien Reju @ The Grape Street Pub

Tonight I finally checked out the all new Grape Street Pub in Manayunk. The new location is on Main Street in Manayunk in the old Chemistry building. At first you walk in and think, “Wow this looks totally different from Chemistry,” but once you walk around for a bit you remember where the pool tables were, the seating area, etc. The difference between the old GSP and the new one is unbelievable. Here’s a little comparison between the two locations.

Old GSP: Acoustic acts hidden upstairs, tiny stage, audience sits in folding chairs
New GSP: Side stage is larger, out in the open, audience sits in comfortable seats or leather wall seats.

Old GSP: Odd, 3 dimensional, semi-pornographic artwork
New GSP: Odd, metal, industrial sculptures (they kept one of the devil chick paintings, though)

Old GSP: Worst bathroom within 50 miles of Philly
New GSP: Has a bathroom attendant!

The place looks amazing. I took a few pictures, but they all came out like crap. You really have to see it in person and if you’ve spent any amount of time in the old place you’ll really appreciate it. I put no sentimental value on the old building because every good time I’ve had there is because of the music and the new place seems to be designed with music in mind. I just hope they can keep things going well.

Wow, I haven’t even talked about Adrien’s great set. She, Jaron, and their drummer played a few songs I never heard before, which was nice. She also played a bunch of older songs like Why, Floating, and Gang of Cool. The sound was very good although the bass seemed to vibrate the whole room.

Julia Othmer sounded very good as well. I’ve heard her a few times at the GSP open mic, but this was the first time I heard her with a full band. The band played well enough, but I usually like piano chicks when they go solo. The accompaniment can sometimes be distracting, but I doubt I’m in the majority on that one. Othmer’s band sounded pretty tight and they even had a banjo player.


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    I’ll have to check ou the GSP.
    I just went to the Tomato Festival today in Camden intending to see Adrien’s set, but (for the third time in a row) had to leave before she went on 🙁 .
    I met Mutlu though. (I had to break the news to him that he missed his slot – a mixup I think). His CD is really good.
    John S.