Jim McGreevey: First Gay Governor?

Today New Jersey Governor Scott McGreevey annouced he was “a Gay American” and that he plans to resign his position because it “could threaten the governor’s office.”

August 12, 2004 ? Governor McGreevey says he’s resigning because he’s a homosexual and fears this could threaten the governor’s office.

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McGreevey’s Statehouse office has been the scene of turmoil all day.

Some staff members, who appeared to be crying, were seen leaving the office.

McGreevey’s parents have been escorted inside.

The source says discussions are under way based on the possibility of a lawsuit against McGreevey. There are no details on the suit.

Wow. Does this make him the first homosexual state governor that we know about?


One response to “Jim McGreevey: First Gay Governor?”

  1. That’s so gay.