Actors Needed

Attention male actors ages 25-35. The important role of “Office Co-Worker #3” needs to be filled for a local independent film.

if any prospective male actors (25-35) out there would like a bit part in a very small independent movie that begins shooting this saturday in southern new jersey, please let me know. i was originally slated to play ‘office co-worker #3’ (with one line, ‘do you want to get something to eat?’) but it’s my sister’s birthday and i’d rather not be tied up at the set all day long if i don’t have to be. you’ll need a few changes of business attire – suit jacket, three or four different ties and a non-white dress shirt. things begin at 9:00 am. feel free to pass this along. you can contact for more info by comment, email, AIM or even text message.


One response to “Actors Needed”

  1. this is funny. and what’s even funnier is that I’M CONSIDERING IT!