Wedding Countdown, Open Mic Future, etc.

Only 5 days until Jeanne and I officially get hitched, so I won’t be hosting the open mic for two weeks. Roz King will be filling in for me while I spend some time in San Francisco. I plan to host two more open mics after I get back (8/11 & 8/18) and that’s where I part ways with the Tree House open mic. I’ve had a good run there and hosted about 60 weeks worth of open mics, but it’s time to move on. No word on whether Tina and Randy will keep the open mic going with a new host, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

I’d step down from the open mic at this point whether I was getting married or not, so don’t think that has alot to do with it. It was a good experience for me and hopefully most of you.

Right now I’d also like to mention a few new websites by local artists:

The Forest Greens! – Good site. Lots of pictures, although they load really slow.
Cynthia Bennett – Needs more content, but she just put it up.
Jeff Ritchie of Greensleeve – An music hosting site for Jeff, so it has some cool new songs although in some crappy proprietary sound format. Update: Two songs are available in MP3.
Xxoxia – Phil Golub’s new band


6 responses to “Wedding Countdown, Open Mic Future, etc.”

  1. well dude, i don’t know what else to say but the standard congratulations etc etc hope everything goes well and break a leg (har har) and all that good stuff.

  2. That’s an outrage! An outrageous one!


  3. I nominate Bernard.

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    Congratulations on the wedding and an excellent run as excellent host of an excellent open mic.

    John S.

    I second the nomination for Bernard as successor

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    Are you going to start hosting “Wednesday Night Jell-O-licious Foxy Wrestling” at the Panty Drawer in Camden right away, or are you going to take a few weeks off?

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    yo Ben,
    Good luck with the wedding….. I would host open mic, but I practice on Wednesday’s now. It needs a rest anyway…. it’s always the same people doing the same songs every week.. Maybe a few months break will be long enough for everyone. My band, on the other hand, will be releasing our full length debut LP “Real Bums Don’t Use Pillows” sometime this fall…. so be on the lookout. Keep in contact through