I love the 90s

I watched “I Love 1992” on VH1 last night and it’s much different than “I Love the 70s” and “I Love the 80s.” A lot of the cultural references from the older decades were about toys and cartoons, whereas the 90s are remembered more for Fabio, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Joey Buttafuoco. Of course, that’s because the Mo Rocha, Michael Ian Black, and Hal Sparks didn’t play with toys or watch cartoons in the 90s. Except for Ren and Stimpy, but who wouldn’t?

Reliving the year made me realized that it hardly qualifies for even being in the 90s. 1992 was more like Nineteen Eighty Twelve.


3 responses to “I love the 90s”

  1. personally i think the 90s started circa 1994. possibly mid-1993.

  2.  Avatar

    actually, the real 90’s started in 90, but if you want to talk style, the 90’s started in 92. The 90’s ended in 94. When Kurt died, music started to suck cock. The kids always get bad when the teacher leaves the room. Phil

  3. Christapie Avatar

    I’ve often thought the decade really doesn’t start, or rather have it’s own identity, until right around the middle of the decade. Those first few years are a transition period. So, i’d agree, until about 1994 or 1995 it was really still the ’80s.