Sarah’s Show Last Saturday

Last Saturday Jeanne and I stopped by the Tree House to see Sarah Allen’s farewell show. She’s moving to North Carolina, a state I’ve been to many times since Jeanne went to UNC. There aren’t many local musicians I can enjoy for two and a half hours, but Sarah’s set seemed to fly by. I requested “Grace” by Jeff Buckley and she reluctantly played it. I got the impression she doesn’t think her version is any good. It’s awesome.

Phil Golub opened up and played a great, mellower than usual set. He brought his boy Straz along and Jeanne definitely made a fuss over him. Straz looked like he had a great time, although he slept right through Dad’s set.

Jeanne and I played Scrabble on our kick ass Travel Scrabble Folio Edition. I had a nice winning streak going, but Jeanne brought it to a screeching halt at the Tree House.