Forest Greens?

Tree House open mic favorite, the Forest Greens, may be calling it quits… anyone got an official word from the band?

Update: I edited this post after rethinking what I wrote. Mainly I just wanted to know about the future of the group.


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    why air other people’s dirty laundry for all to read?

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    This is Eric,
    We have not officially called it quits. Mike and I quit the band because Mike didn’t want to fire Sam. We then formed a new band called “The Forest Greens!” so we added “the” and “!”. We have asked a new fiddle player to play with us and then decide if she wants to join, she said yes. However, there is a new band rule prohibiting the dating of other band members so that the “Sam problem” does not arise again.

  3. So…in other words…you fired Sam?

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    No we did not fire Sam. Me and mike quit and started an entirely different band.

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    I’ve seen Ellen Anderson play at an Open Mike before. She’s was good as I recall, (but so was Sam). Should be interesting to see a new dimensionmaybe, anyway.