Ben Garvey in NYC (not me)

I got this email today from another Ben Garvey.

what’s up Ben Garvey, this is Ben Garvey, the one from Chicago. I am writing to invite you to my CD release party on Saturday nite in Manhattan, New York. I would love to meet you and see my alter-ego in person. Well, here is the info for the party:

217 Bowery
Manhattan, NYC

The CD is a mix CD of Chicago hip-hop artists.

So there is a hip-hop Ben Garvey, a British folk singing Ben McGarvey, and me the acoustic rocking Ben Garvey from New Jersey.

Why are they all musicians? All I know is I better keep renewing my domain name.


3 responses to “Ben Garvey in NYC (not me)”

  1. yeah but just keep in mind that only two of them are actual Garveys. The other’s a Mc. Not to sound like I am making racial slurs, but ’tis the truth. Aye, ’tis.

    -Jay McV

  2. Actually, both of the other ones are MCs.

  3. yeah but only one is a true Mc.