IM Encounters

It’s always funny when you’re confused with someone else on an instant messaging service. I only wish I drew this one out a little bit. Her accent is classic.

NameWithHeld: you on
GarveyB: yeah, who is this?
NameWithHeld: this is your mom
NameWithHeld: just checking this puter out. so i will get off and call library and tell them the password worked
GarveyB: what are we having for dinner mom?
NameWithHeld: i am om your mamaw’s computer
NameWithHeld: dont know what you are having but we are having icecream
GarveyB: you have the wrong person. you have me confused with someone else
NameWithHeld: ok sorry thought yo were billy


3 responses to “IM Encounters”

  1.  Avatar

    Is Cowboydevin4 the name you were trying to hide?

  2. now explain how mom doesn’t notice that the name that replies is NOT billy’s?