SCI Ticketing Rocks

Just when you thought the event ticketing industry was filled with greedy assholes with little regard for customer service and satisfaction, you get an email like this:

Thanks for purchasing tickets through our website for The Pixies on Dec 4th
in Camden, NJ.

We had a cancelled order, so we moved you to better seats. Your new seat
locations for this show are:

Sec 104, Row A, Seats 9-12

If you would prefer to be moved back to your old seats, Sec 204 Row H Seats
9-12 we can do that, but I think you will like these seats better! There
was no additional charge for the better seats.

Seating chart is here

Let me know if the new seats work for you.


Brian Blue
Director of Operations
SCI Ticketing

I’m floored.

I had to call them up to make sure this wasn’t a well orchestrated joke by one of my friends. After all, I have been bitching about how I got crappy seats during the Pixies pre-sale last week. They could have easily re-sold the tickets, but instead they helped me out. I did some research on the company, and now I realize why they sounded familiar. This is the company started by the String Cheese Incident to get around Ticketmaster’s monopoly. SCI Ticketing has just made me a customer for life, or at least until they sell out.


2 responses to “SCI Ticketing Rocks”

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    You’re still off to the side , but that’s a pretty awesome improvement, especially nice since its one of your favorite bands.

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    section 204 sucks — this is a big improvement

    but 104 row A sucks bad too cause u are way off to the side . . . i would try your luck with onsale # . The tweeter center is an ok place to see a show .. if u dont spend any money besides your ticket … and u stay away from the side sections .. 101-103 only – and 201-203 if you have to sit in the back.