Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

I’ve been putting off the recap this week, because I can’t find the notes I took. Lately I’ve been jotting down a few things so I don’t forget what people actually did. A lot of good it did me this time. I’m sure I’ll forget someone, so remind me of who I left out.

A quick reminder to everyone – Start working on your Talking Heads covers!

1. Ben Garvey – I played “99%”, Built to Spill’s “Big Dipper,” “The Genius of it All” and a few other songs.

2. Phil – It was his first time out to the open mic and I liked what he was doing. I think he’d sound better with the monitors turned on. Unfortunately they weren’t working.

3. Greg Winkler – Hailing from the great beer and cheese state of Wisconsin, Greg played some straight up folk.

4. Roz King – Played a strat this week. Catch his new band, Jersey Fresh, if you can.

5. Jason Vertucio – He also went the electric route this week, since he’s working on getting a new acoustic. Also, check this out.

6. John Shaughnessy – He played his new song, “Cigarettes will Kill You (if I don’t do it first).” Great title.

7. Jeff – I’ve said before that I really enjoy Jeff and Brian’s Greensleve demo. I was happy to hear the first song from it.

8. Brian – I’m always impressed with Brian’s harmonica playing.

9. Mike Romano – Mike of the Forest Greens did a great solo performance on the tin whistle. Everyone got really quiet while he played, so I think he may have been charming us.

10. Kilpatrick – His “running around like a clown with it’s head cut off” song is catchy. He should bring back his website.

11. The White Witch aka Joe – I had to cut Joe’s song off prematurely because he was going over the amount of time an artist can take.

12. First II Nothing – 4 piece rock group doing acoustic alternative rock.

Once again, I’d like to encourage people to support the Tree House on Wednesday nights and any other night of the week. Every dollar you spend there keeps the open mic going strong without a cover.


6 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. >.< how did you find that?!?!

  2. Brian Avatar

    Hey man, you’re pulling a 7 last I checked….nothing to complain about there….

  3. Oddly enough, that song’s called “Running Around, Or: One Of The Songs I Don’t Usually Fuck Up.” The last part of the title I may be lying about.

    For some reason, I got it into my head that the kilpatrick site wouldn’t go live until it had a reason to exist. Bands with websites that don’t ever play gigs always bother me, so I promised myself this time I wouldn’t go live until I had my first gig scheduled.

    As for making the site red, I have to take all aesthetic suggestions from the guy on Hot Or Not with the purple Ibanez acoustic under extreme prejudice 🙂

  4. that’s the last time i do dumb shit like make hot or not accounts and then put them in my LJ

    from now on it’s strictly friendster

    and xanga

    ok i’m lying

  5. The real question is how many times did you vote for yourself?

  6. i gave myself a four.