Survivor All Stars

I’m not too proud of myself for watching every episode of Survivor All-Stars. It had a few good moments, but for the most part it was horrible. Boston Rob manipulated everyone throughout the game and the crybaby survivors gave the million dollars to Amber out of spite. Or so they thought. Right before they announced the winner, Rob proposed to Amber on live TV. She said yes, and despite a rule against conspiring to share the million dollars, CBS made Amber a millionaire. They’re also doing their best to set up Rupert by allowing Survivor fans the ability to give one of the contestants another $1 million prize. Head here to vote.


2 responses to “Survivor All Stars”

  1. dude i don’t even watch tv. i haven’t watched tv since the flyers kicked the lightnings 6-2 or whatever and before that i couldn’t tell you what i saw.

    ur wasting ur time with tv. just buy the fight club DVD and when u get the urge to watch TV, just pop in fight club instead.

    either you’ll be turned off to TV forever or you’ll start a cult following who beat each other up in the basment of the treehouse until lou comes down to try and shut you down.

    that is, until you BLEED ALL OVER HIS FACE and he runs away like a crybaby.

    then you’re free to start franchise fight clubs everywhere and whoa i think i had too much to drink tonite.

  2. I have fight club on DVD.

    I only watch Survivor and a few of the HBO shows, although I also watched most of the Flyers games during the current playoffs.