Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

The crowds each week at the open mic have been large enough that it appears to be doing well, but the fact is that many people come in and don’t buy anything. Tina and Randy have been incredibly supportive of what we do there every Wednesday, but right now the open mic is hurting them financially. We already have people coming out. That’s the hard part. I just ask those of you who enjoy the Tree House and have a good time there every week to make sure you buy something and support the Tree House. It’s not like I’m asking you to buy junk. Their food is excellent and I personally reccomend their wraps and soup. Every week Jarod orders a sausage and egg croissant sandwich he swears is the best sandwich ever. Their coffee and frozen drinks are good as well, so my goal for next week is to keep Rob busy until closing.

On to Wednesday’s performers…

We had a bunch of no-shows which really messed with my timing, but it ended up ok in the end.

1. Ben Garvey – I played Beck’s “Lord Only Knows,” “Thesis,” “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees, “Mr. Grieves” by the Pixies, “99%,” and I finally did a decent cover of “Big Dipper” by Built to Spill.

2. Jarrod Schafer – First time I ever heard anyone cover “Banditos” by the Refreshments. When that song was popular it was one of those songs I disliked on principle, but liked on unprinciple.

3. Joe – Joe’s second song was the longest song ever.

4. Dylan O’Hearn – His Dead cover sounded good with the harmonica.

5. Bob Michel – Usually when I ask questions on this site I expect people to take them rhetorically. Bob anwers them directly on stage. I asked about what type of music he played as a teenager and he played a song from his youth. I didn’t recognize the song, but it was pretty good. He also stood up while he played, which was unusual and cool.

6. Sarah Allen – Sarah was awesome this week, but I didn’t recognize any of her songs. She’s playing this Saturday at the Tree House for Collingswood’s 2nd Saturday promotional thing.

7. The Forest Greens – Bob Michel had to the Greens to simmer down. They were tuning too loud in the back and I felt bad because I should have stopped it before it got to that point. They were sorry and then went on to rock the joint. If they were playing in Ireland, little rock walls would be falling down everywhere.

8. Willie Tapps – I love the Keb Mo covers he does. He also put together a medley of songs.

9. AJ Visgil – His fans got restless when I skipped over him on the list. Later he came up and rocked a Jeff Buckley cover.

10. John and Dan – Still no band name for John and Dan. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments. They played a Beatles song and got everyone in the room singing along.

11. Greg Dress and Luke – It had been a long time since Greg stopped by the Tree House and his voice is as good as ever. Their cover of “Porch” by Pearl Jam was fantastic.

12. Nan Ivins – Nan came by to play a few songs and promote her open mic on Saturday nights at a bar in West Ville on 130. Check out her website for more details.

13. Roz King – 10:45PM is always the perfect time to hear “Copperhead Road.”