Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Last week we had a good time at the open mic, although I was a little out of it. We had a few new performers, which is always great unless they suck. Luckily for us they didn’t.

Jay posted a bunch of pictures from the open mic, too.

1. Ben Garvey – Among others I played “Big Dipper” by Built to Spill for the first time. I screwed it up a little, but I think I’ll try it again next time.

2. Jeff and Todd – These guys played some pretty long acoustic rock songs. They said they came in before and at the time I didn’t remember them, but I think I do now.

3. Charlie T. – Were those orginals he played? Not too bad. The girl he was with looked just like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

4. Gabe – Great voice! Sarah Allen thinks he’s really good, too. His voice reminded me of someone, but I can’t figure out who.

5. Cynthia and Blade – This was the first time Blade took the stage, although he’s hung out a few times. Hearing Cynthia sing without her guitar playing was a different experience. Roz had to fix Blade’s guitar after the jack fell inside.

6. Sarah Allen – She was battered into playing a few cure covers and I’m sure she’s excited about the upcoming Cure tour.

7. Willie Tapps – Great job by Willie as usual. Make sure you come out to Willie Fest at the Tree House on May 1st.

8. Bob Michel – I wonder what type of music Bob played when he was a teenager.

9. The Forest Greens – They’ll be playing Willie Fest on May 1st and Eric’s back from Italy now.

10. Ryan Williams – New guy playing some acoustic pop rock. He even did “Pretty Good Year” by Tori Amos, which is one of her best.

11. John Quinlan – John’s music is really starting to grow on me.

12. Joe Alam – Joe said he’s turning over a new leaf and played a tribute song to the Tree House called “the Legend of Christ.” I liked it. He also did a cover of Phil’s Tree House hit, “Baking Slave.” Rob was happy about that.

13. Jason Vertucio – So far there are only two rules for the open mic. No cursing and no playing Good Charlotte on my guitar. Another new rule is if you’re going to read a story you have to read the whole thing. There will be none of this “read the rest on my blog” stuff.

14. Roz King – Roz’s guitar has the oddest tone. He impressed some people by fixing Blade’s guitar earlier in the night.

15. John Shaughnessy – I know I’ll screw up if I try to recall the songs John played, but I know he played a new one and it sounded like it had some promise.


4 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. you forgot the no goo goo dolls on your guitar either. 😉

    fine i’ll finish the story.

  2. I don’t mention that rule, but it will be my excuse if I ever kill someone.

  3. BUT aren’t you glad i stopped halfway thru? otherwise not everyone would have gotten a chance to play. we ended right at 11 thx to me cutting the thing down to 3:05.

  4.  Avatar

    hold on, i want to hear more about this girl who looked just like jennifer love hewitt.