I’m back. The weather was awesome and the drive back was long (I flew down there). The official theme song of the drive home was “A Life Of Arctic Sounds” by Modest Mouse and my new favorite song is “Big Dipper” by Built to Spill.

I spent my last night in Florida at Hugh Jorgan’s dueling piano show where they have a few guys who play audience requests on pianos. Most of their songs were what you’d expect: Billy Joel, Elton John, more Billy Joel, etc. Of course I had to be a jerk and request “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. They played it.

So the plan for this site was that my old roommate, Brian, was going to make a few posts this week while I was away. I set up his account so he could post news to the front page, but there was some sort of problem and he couldn’t figure it out. He had a few things to say, including this Tom Collins recipe.

Champagne Collins
1 oz. gin
about 2 oz. sour mix
top off with champagne (might as well use cheap stuff since you’re adulterating it…”sparkling wine” will also work)
a dash of lime juice (optional)

Many will notice that this is basically a Tom Collins with champagne subbed in for the soda water. Not only does this significantly heighten the alcohol content, it also gives the drink a little bit of classiness. So when you’re out picking up your Czechvar tonite, I invite you to savor this fine beverage.

‘Til next time!