Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

The open mic had another decent sized crowd this week, although we didn’t have any new performers. I’ll be away this week so Roz will be hosting the open mic on Wednesday the 7th.

1. Ben Garvey – I broke a string during “Why Now Satan.” I have got to get some lighter picks. I also played “Fool Such as I” for the first time.

2. Cynthia Bennett – She broke new ground with an actual love song. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed it.

3. Jason Vertucio – Jay gets a few jabs from me once in a while for his cover selection, but this week he did of cover of one of my songs, “I Hope I Die on the Moon.” He did a pretty nice job with it, too.

4. Forest Greens – Becky joined them for a song this week on the penny whistle and she did a nice job. Eric’s guitar sounded better than usual, so I’ll have to figure out what we did differently with the sound.

5. Sarah Allen – Sarah does a great cover of Richard Thompson’s “1952 Vincent Black Lightning.” She and Roz should play it together one night. They probably already have and I missed it.

6. John and Dan – John Brennan has been tearing it up on guitar lately. My request for them to play Death Letter has gone unanswered so far.

7. Willie Tapps – I don’t know who wrote “Tell Everybody I Know,” but I’m mostly familiar with the Keb Mo version. Willie’s is great, too.

8. Bob Michel – Bob’s a really goof guitarist. I wonder if any of his guitars plug in or does he just prefer the miked sound.

9. Keith Lewis – Keith rocked out with his telecaster.

10. a href=””>Roz King – Roz also rocked out on Keith’s telecaster, including a cover of “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead. He’ll be your host at the next open mic, so try to get on his good side. If he has one.

11. Kilpatrick – Pat forgot some words to a Bob Dylan song, but it sounded pretty good anyway.

12. Brady – Came out to play some acoustic music.

13. John Quinlan – John hasn’t been having too much luck with the signup sheet. Every time he checks it out it’s already full. Usually I put up the list about 2-3 days after the open mic (usually Saturday or Sunday), but in the future I plan to have it pop up as early as Wednesday right after the previous pen mic.

14. Jarrod Schafer – Jarrod played a few songs while I tried some homemade beer. No offense to Jarrod, but I’d say the beer was better. It was some really good beer though.


2 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. wait WHAT homemade beer?! and i wasn’t invited?!

    makes me sad. well…. what kind of beer was it? draught? porter? ale? lager? stout?

  2.  Avatar

    If Sarah and Roz played ’52 Vincent together, I think they could probably sing it a full octave apart. That would be interesting.