Nintendo Releasing Old School NES Collection for GBA

I am such a sucker for re-released games and being a big fan of Zelda and Excitebike, I might have to finally look into a GBA. Read on for the press release or check out the whole thing here:

The bodacious new Game Boy Advance SP has the same guts and everything as a regular one, but its casing looks just like the NES. And it’s still at an MSRP of $99.99. Be sure to get to the mall, like, really early, because it’s a “limited edition.”

The Classic NES Series, which you totally have to get, includes all the hottest retro games, each one at an MSRP of $19.99. Check it out:

* Donkey Kong: The best game featuring a plumber rescuing a princess from a big ape pretty much ever.
* Pac-Man: Hel-lo? If you don’t know this game then where have you been?
* The Legend of Zelda: Dude! How classic can you get? The righteous Link whips Ganon and saves Zelda. Link rules!
* Super Mario Bros.: There are pipes and coins and these grody goombas and you just stomp away.
* Excitebike: It’s a rad motocross racing game that lets you rip around a track and kick up dirt and stuff.
* Ice Climber: Like, duh. You climb the ice and whack monsters.
* Xevious: Go to space and shoot stuff with your wicked spaceship.
* Bomberman: Drop bombs on the baddies.


10 responses to “Nintendo Releasing Old School NES Collection for GBA”

  1. you failed to mention a majorly AWESOME game from back in the day:

    River City Ransom

    that’s the reason i’m gonna want a GBASP.

    Well, ok, the article didn’t cover that game. But they’re re-releasing that overlooked classic, complete with SAVE feature (so you don’t have to spend an hour typing a 2987-character code to get to level 3 . . . . oh , and find out you wrote a letter wrong).

    THAT’s a game you gotta get if you actually get Mr. GBA.

  2. Never played River City Ransom. Wasn’t it sort of like Double Dragon?

  3.  Avatar

    Oh man…I don’t really get too hyped up for video games…but this rocks. Too bad I don’t see Metroid, Wizards and Warriors, or Castlevania on the list. I still may have to get this though. I’ve never had a Game Boy.

  4. Metroid should be a given. When I was 9 years old I saved up $29 from my allowance to buy Metriod from the local Jamesway (some K-Mart clone that’s out of business now). The only other games I had at the time were Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Metroid was freaking amazing at the time.

    Castlevania was insanely hard at the higher levels, but still an awesome game.

    Wizards and Warriors? That’s the one where you ran around in the suit of armor right? I hated that one. A few of my friends had it.

    I’d also love to see Contra, Punch-Out, and any Mega Man game.

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    Yeah, Contra, Mega Man, and Punch Out were good too. I probably wouldn’t buy Contra again though…that was probably the one game on NES I could beat with my eyes closed with the exception of Castlevania II (once you know the secret way to Dracula’s castle, you can pretty much have it beat in ten minutes. I never beat Super Mario Bros. though.

    Wizards and Warriors was pretty well done, I thought. I think it took me close to a month and a half to finally beat it, and every level seemed much cooler than the last.

    I remember what you did every weekend was sleep over at someones house and just play Nintendo until dawn. If we had been old enough to buy beer at the time, I probably would’ve damaged my brain so bad I wouldn’t be able to move my limbs.

  6. “sleep over at someones house and just play Nintendo until dawn”

    That’s pretty accurate.

    While Castlevania 2 was really cool, it’s not even fair to say you’ve beaten it if you use that cheap shortcut.

    Contra by yourself wouldn’t be as fun.

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    I did beat Castlevania once going all the way through. It wasn’t until the second or third time I learned about the shortcut. My strategy was to get the super flame whip and just load up on laurels…then go to dracula and beat him as fast as I could while using the laurels as much as I needed. Always worked.

    I also remember the music would freak me out if I was playing it late at night.

  8. but BETTER!!!!!!!!


    they should have battletoads, though.

  10. they will. oh yes, they will.

    the most popular games it seems, they’re going to be slowly reintroducing to the GBA, from what i hear. my friend amanda’s boyfriend ian’s friend steve was talking about all these great classic Nintendo games a few weeks ago. I’m kinda really excited to see what they come out with.

    I like how an even BETTER technology than the NES fits into something that’s approximately 1/10th its size. I was in my basement looking for a PalmPilot pen for work, and there on the spare bed was the old Nintendo, and two controllers. And I was like, oh yeah, good times were had.

    Oooooh there’s a game I’d like to see: Double Dragon. Or better yet, Double Dragon vs. Battletoads!!!! Anyone remember THAT one?