If you like beer, you should stop abd pick up a six pack of Czechvar, which hasn’t been available in the US since 1939. It’s called Budvar in the Czech Republic and Anheuser Busch blocked the sale of Budvar in the US until they finally decided to market it under the Czechvar brand. This whole post would be pointless if Czechvar lager wasn’t any good and indeed it is. It’s a lot smoother than you expect it to be, but it still has a lot of flavor. Give it a shot! You can probably buy it anywhere, but if you have trouble check out Kress-Wine on Route 561 in Cherry Hill. That’s where I found out about the story behind Czechvar/Budvar.

Speaking of Kress-Wine, they are a really cool liquor store because they usually have decent stuff on sale and they post sales statistics of each brand of beer. They also have “Ladies Monday” where women get 10% off all non-wine purchases. Jason Wheatley and I discussed the possibility of pulling a elaborate Bosom Buddies scheme to get the 10% discount.