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Why did Magnum PI need a Ferrari? The guy lived in Hawaii and everything is nearby.


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    the same reason anyone else drives a ferrari – he’s got a small penis. the ferrari wasn’t really his anyway, it belonged to the writer whose estate he was ‘guarding’. perk of the job i suppose. i know if i had a $50,000 car at my disposal it wouldn’t matter if i was going to check my mail, i’d drive just to do it.

    a better question is why did TC get shot in every episode? that’s bugged me for an eternity.

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    And it’s not like he could drive anywhere, Hawaii being a bunch of islands and all.

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    Ya know, I had a latin teacher in the 7th grade who wrote a script for a Halloween special of Magnum PI. She sold the script, but the story never got filmed.

    Subsequently, she ended up as a middle school latin teacher.

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    I believe Higgins gave Magnum a sizeable allowance that Magnum saved up. It was either a Ferrari or a Farrah Fawcett Pez dispenser…but I agree, he’s a laxy bastard when the quickie mart is so close by.