Lying Liars

I just finished Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and it should be required reading for anyone old enough to vote in the 2004 election.

I don’t get too political on this site, but I’ve always advocated that everyone get registered to vote. Before the election I think everyone needs to ask and evaluate certain questions.

1. Is everything being done to fight terrorism? 2. Is everything we’re doing helping that cause?
3. Are we giving up too much to fight terrorism?
4. Should we have invaded Iraq?
5. We we lied to about weapons of mass destruction?
6. Are we satisfied with the federal budget?
7. Do we agree with the way our government is passing, interpreting, and enforcing the law?

There are dozens more questions that you should ask yourself before voting this November. A local politician I know used to say, “Not voting is a vote for bad politicians.” I don’t know if he came up with that, but it seems logical to me.


2 responses to “Lying Liars”

  1. yeah. i think we we lied to about the weapons of mass destruction

  2. They either lied, exaggerated, or had extremely poor intelligence. All bad.