I stopped in that new CD shop in Haddonfield tonight, marsRED. If you log into their website you can make a list of CDs you want and check it when you get there. I always draw a blank when I’m in a store browsing. They also have DVDs, games, etc. Their selection was not huge, but I was able to pick up Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Fever to Tell and a used copy of Sim City 4 for a total of $14.

My suggestions for the store in case they’re listening:

  1. Allow me to add things to my list automatically if I click on an item mentioned on the site (new releases, special promotions).
  2. Email me if something on my list comes into stock.
  3. Give people a $1 off if they buy something on their list!
  4. Put your current catalog online so I can browse your stuff before I get there
  5. Turn down whatever machine is making that horrible noise in the back room

Hopefully they’ll take some of that advice.


4 responses to “marsRed”

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    I really like that song Maps from “Fever To Tell” that MTV is occasionally playing.

  2. So far I like the CD a lot. Most of the songs are heavier and crazier than Maps.

  3. good record. My bro got the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (well, I bought it for him) and put it on my iPod.

    Now that you said that I’m upset he has my iPod. I can’t listen to the record now while at work.

    I mean album.

    I mean CD.

    I mean the MP3s I ripped from the CD.

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    Yeah, I actually hear the song “Date with the Night” (I think that’s what it’s called) every once in a while on HFS…that’s pretty good too. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised I haven’t bought the album already.