Short Thoughts and Things I Want to Mention

This post contains unrelated items that probably wouldn’t be suitable for posting on their own. Together, however, they form something much stronger than themselves individually.

  1. Someone finally bid on my network card.
  2. Evidently a kickass CD store has opened up near me in Haddonfield called marsRED. On their contact page it says, “Can you believe it?
    There is a store in Haddonfield open 7 days a week!” heh. Read what the Dave B Trio has to say about it.

  3. One of Philly’s best web designers posted her experience at the famous NJ landmark, the PUB

    There is a restaurant in New Jersey just over the Ben Franklin Bridge… I believe it’s in Pennsauken. It’s called PUB. Nothing else, just PUB. You can see the red neon sign from Japan. We had dinner there on Sunday and it is the second time I have been there. Both times I was there I was just in awe at the pure tackiness that is PUB.

    The waitstaff is the epitomy of “Jersey Girl” in every sense of the term. We’re talkin’ banana clips, feathered bangs and long nails painted bright pink.

    I want to visit this place every time I pass it. I might have to go now.

  4. This guy thinks everyone’s personality can be described in terms of their similarity to pirates/ninjas and dwarves/elves. I’m probably a ninja-elf, although I’m definitely more ninja than elf.
  5. Anyone here go to the Crystal Lake Diner? What is up with their vegetable selection? Entrees come with two vegetables and you’re forced to pick between various potato types (mashed, baked, french fried), bad cole slaw, pickled beets, apple sauce (vegetable?), brussel sprouts, canned peas, etc. No broccoli, green beans, or asparagus. Other than that, it’s a great diner. The cajun chicken is surprisingly good.
  6. Dave Blood of the influential Philly band, The Dead Milkmen, died.
  7. The Pixies announced some new tour dates. All still 2000+ miles from Philadelphia.
  8. It was 60 degrees yesterday, but today it snowed.
  9. Looks like open mic this week will be crazy crowded again.


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    The pub is like frozen in time in 1975. I think Starsky and Hutch eat there.


    and sad about Dave from the DM…being a has-been punker seems pretty damn depressing.. Rodney A. hasn’t blogged all week, and replaced their homepage w/ a pic and link to post memories.