Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Once again my supreme organization skills misplaced the sign up sheet from last week (supreme organization skills = me), so the order is probably completely wrong. I got the participants right as far as I can tell.

1. Jarrod Schafer – Jaron once again helped me out during the sound check by fending off Guns and Roses requests. I made a joke about his living upstairs by saying, “His name is Jarrod. He lives no the 2nd floor. He lives upstairs from you. Yes, I think you’ve seen him before.”

No one got it except for Jeanne.

2. Ben Garvey – I played “Why Now Satan,” “I Hope I Die on the Moon,” “I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body” and a few others.

3. Rick – He did a few low-key folk rock tunes.

Chris D. and Rob V. – I apologize for identifying Chris as Steve on stage. He just looked like a Steve to me at that moment. Chris and Rob put on a kick-ass performance.

4. Sarah Allen – Sarah bowed to peer pressure and played “Grey Street” by Dave Matthews Band. Good thing it’s awesome.

5. Jason Vertucio – Played a cover of some guy named Will Hoge. Jason also has a gig coming up at the Tree House with John Shaughnessy on the 27th of March.

6. Bob Michel – Bob had a gig at the Tree House on Friday and I hope it went well.

7. Willie Tapps – Rock the place as usual. I ran into him today at the Music Place in Westmont.

8. Jack Sparks – Jack wins the best shirt of the night award. It said “1985 Nintendo World Champion” on the back, even though he was only 2 years old in 1985.

9. Roz King – I don’t remember exactly what Roz played but I let him do three songs so they must have been good. Either that or I was just giving him another shot.

10. Keith Lewis – The new mustachioed Keith sounds just like the old one, but with more mustachio.

11. Forest Greens – The Greens were once again back with a full cast. They started before I was ready, but that’s ok. I got them up and running quick enough.

12. Kilpatrick – Pat tried to convince me that Stephen King’s Dark Tower series still holds some promise, but I still doubt it. Not even his strangely excellent cover of Cisqo’s “Thong Song” can convince me, especially since he promised never to play it again! Won’t anyone think of the children?

13. Phil – “GO HOME AND MAKE YOUR MOTHER BAKE COOKIES!!!” is a slogan people could really get behind.

14. Joe – I don’t remember hearing Joe’s patented scream this week, but I may my brain might be blocking it out.

15. Johnny Q – John played his original song that starts out like “Spider webs….” and then did the Sinead O’Conner cover I’ve heard him do before. He liked covering femail singers, so maybe next week it will be the 4 Non Blondes.

16. John Shaughnessy – John did his great Dead Milkmen “Punk Rock Girl” cover and like I said above, he’s playing at the Tree House on the 27th.

17. Woody – He stopped by to give us some poetry.


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  1. hey, everybody . . . some guy named Will Hoge.

    Go there and buy a CD. ^_^