Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

I forgot to take the sign up sheet with me as I left on Wednesday, so the order of the performers might be a little off, but I think I at least remembered everyone who played. Read on…

1. Jarrod Schafer – J-Rod’s always good for helping me out with a sound check and this week he did his best Keith Lewis impression. I think a duet is in the works (or should be).

2. Ben Garvey (host) – I played “All My Dreams are in Cartoon” and Nirvana’s “On a Plain,” and then later played Beck’s “Lord Only Knows” and Johnny Cash’s “Big River.”

3. Matt – Snagged the walk-in slot to play some electric guitar and sing his songs.

4. Adam Huber – My good friend Adam played “We’re Going To Be Friends” by the White Stripes and “Starkville City Jail” by Johnny Cash, starting off a night with a few Johnny Cash covers.

5. Steve Flocco – Played some folk tunes on his Ovation.

6. Sarah Allen – I can’t remember what she played exactly, but everyone loved it. Little comments come flying at her from the audience every time I introduce her like, “I want to have your baby” or “I’m choking on your awesomeness.”

7. Phil – Phil played some great, hard, acoustic rock. He and Joe/Jadis have a big chess rivalry going and I’m not sure who is winning.

8. Jadis/Joe – It seems he has to fit that crazy scream into all his songs, or maybe I just didn’t notice it was the same vampire song from the previous week. I’m not sure which name he’d rather go by.

9. Bob Michel – Bob played two good songs on one of his many guitars.

10. Willie Tapps – Told the audience he had to beg me for a third song. He didn’t have to twist my arm too hard.

11. Johnny Q – This week John played an interesting original and a Sinch cover. He even squeeze the word “crunk” in there.

12. Barry Dwier – Barry played his awesome version of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails (via Johnny Cash)

13. Forest Greens – Mike of the Forest Greens began their act as he usually does, by introducing the band and informing the audience that the Forest Greens play Celtic music. This week Mike also meant to say their violin player couldn’t make it due to illness, but instead it came out as “Our girlfriend couldn’t make it tonight because she is sick.”

Now I know why they’ve been practicing so much!

14. Roz King – Has Roz gotten better in the last year? Has anyone else noticed this?

15. Jason Vertucio – Last week I incorrectly stated that Jason borrowed my guitar. This was completely false. In the interests of truth and accurate reporting, I will verify everything I say about Jason in the future, including the fact that he was in a movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Source.

16. AJ – Played a blues number that I enjoyed. He and his friend requested a Beck song, but sadly I don’t know any too well from Mutations or Sea Change. I feel like I already play too many Beck songs to justify learning a few more.

17. Jack Sparks – Jack’s “Karma Police” cover always entertains. He mentioned he’s never been to this website and I was surprised since he’s been coming to the open mic for so long.


3 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. the fact that i was in a movie with sarah michelle gellar is false, too.

    but i AM auditioning for a TV pilot. THAT’S true.

  2. What’s the show called?

  3. that’s classified info. actually i wasn’t told what the title is.

    so maybe it really IS classified…