Feud Between the Phoenix Trap and a Local Piano Diva?

I caught this today reading Theresa Kelly’s weblog. She’s the lead singer of the Phoenix Trap and evidently pissed off “a certain piano playing diva.”

(SIGH) So Chad and I were talking about a certain piano playing diva who (a WHILE ago) said that The Phoenix Trap is the reason that she will never again play in coffee houses ..because we “talked during her performance” UGH! I’m sorry but a coffee house is a public space and if I want to talk to my mom, or my bandmates, or my pet rock during some boring-ass performance then that is my prerogative. I certainly wouldn’t care if a headlining or opening band talked while I was singing. It’s not like we were hooting and hollering and having a square dance while she was playing either…..Just normal coffee shop behavior with music in the background. She needs to get a life and fast!!! (Coffee shop patrons everywhere applaud The Phoenix Trap for their bravery in their quest to drive snobby divas out of coffee shops) Anyway, this did happen a long time ago but Chad and I were laughing about it the other day and I thought that you, my readers might get a laugh out of it. She is of no importance and I haven’t (thank god) seen or heard her play since then.

There is a line between talking during a performance and being distracting. Who knows how loud it took before the diva felt dissed? I can think of about 3 or 4 possibilities for who Theresa refers to. I posted this because 99% of what bands post online is the same boring old crap and this is part of the reason why the Phoenix Trap has a link here.


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    People talking during a performance will happen. I wish it wouldn’t but it does. I am at least thankful that people at The Treehouse go outside with thier cell phones. I checked Jason Wheatly’s show at The Olive last week and, while he turned in his usual great show, most of the people were more interested in their beer. If you insist on getting upset at people talking while you play, you’re going to spent a allot of time upset. Just play.

    Keith Lewis

  2. The Olive is a restaurant gig. Very few turn out specifically to see music, but they enjoy it if it’s there.

  3. I wouldn’t call it a feud; rather I think it was just a minor tiff at the time. I didn’t even hear about this until Teresa mentioned it at practice last week, and that was after she wrote that blog entry.

    Like any of the arts, music’s got its fair share of melodramatic people who have to make an issue out of everything. This was just one of those times, and like Keith said above, people like that are just gonna get upset a lot. We usually just roll with it unless something’s really messed up.

    By the way, we have permalinks now if you wanna use em. Wowee, technology!

  4. Thanks, I didn’t see a permalink when I read the post.

    I find most of the comments people give to other musicians either incredibly sterile (“everyone is good”) or terribly harsh (“you suck,” etc.).

    I’m thinking of starting an anonymous blog open to regulars of the open mic for providing feedback to the rest of the performers. Anyone think this is a good idea?

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    There really are some local divas out there. As much as readers here respect other local artists, the artists themselves have to remember their humility as well. Ever heard of Nancy Falkow? (Probably not) Now there’s a local diva. I guess you could say I’ve had a feud with her. I once posted on her website that I felt she was quite full of herself. She tracked me down personally and called me at work(!) to tell me I was rude. Add “psycho” to the title in front of that b*tch.
    John S.

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    Sounds like a great idea. There are a lot of really good performers at open mic who could be better by applying some constructive criticism.
    However, you know everybody would wonder “who said that?”, and they could probably figure it out , too.
    John S.

  7. I know tons of singer/songwriters who are full of themselves, but I don’t know if I’d go on their website and tell them that unless they did something specifically to piss me off. Even then I’d probably just write about it on my site instead.

  8. For one thing, you’d be able to narrow it down to the people in the audience that night, especially if you went on in the beginning when the crowd is sparse. Still, you wouldn’t be able to eliminate me as a possibility.

  9. She’s seemed nice enough the few times I’ve run into her. What you did was kinda rude, though it was a little strange for her to call you at work about it.

  10. …this is part of the reason why the Phoenix Trap has a link here.

    I just caught this. Now you gotta tell me the other reason(s). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    YESSS!!!! I LOVE band feuds!!!!

    I definitely think there is a line between just hanging out and listening to a band with your friends and being a nuisance. I can see the problem compounding in a coffee house-open mic setting (being a nuisance, not sitting back and chatting with your friends). But think when it gets down to it you have to let some things slide and just be happy someone is there. I’d rather play to a room full of people hanging out and chatting than an empty one.

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    just have to disagree on that one. She’s NOT nice. We’ve wasted too many words here anyway on Ms. Fatcow, (sorry, let it go, John!!!)
    If anything, think we must reveal the Phoenix Trap nemesis now.
    John S

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    I’ll make up all sorts of crazy crap and post it there. I can be the “X Factor”.

  14. We haven’t played with many pianists at coffeehouses. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

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    Without scouring your weblogs forever, how about Tania Alexander? Her website bio looks pretty high-falutin’, implying a fair amount of ego. Amber DeLaurentis?, no I don’t think so.
    If not her, you take a guess, Ben. Spill those 3 or 4 names.

    (who ever thought you’d get 15 comments on this topic)

  16. That you guys are a local band.

  17. Attacking her weight is cheap.

  18. I think the Phoenix Trap didn’t mention her for a reason and I’m ok with that.

  19. You can’t get upset if no one is paying attention. If it bothers you that much, you should try engaging the audience a little, but please don’t complain to the audience. That always looks bad.

    If someone is being really distracting, the host or whoever is running the venue should take care of the problem.

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    suddenly we’re so P.C.
    What’s next – a “no cursing” rule?

  21. Hah. I haven’t deleted a comment from this site yet for any reason (even the guy who called me a “fucking loser”)

  22. And I hope anyone with a brain would realize the “no cursing” rule didn’t come from me.

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    is it Liberace?

  24. We haven’t mentioned any names because there’s no point in burning bridges over such a pointless exchange.

  25. dude i so totally agree with that

    i had that experience only once. i didn’t like it. but i just kept playing. and i said a LOT of stupid things, cuz i knew no one was listening. and then someone tipped my guitar case five bucks. ^_^

  26. >> YESSS!!!! I LOVE band feuds!!!!!

    What is this? coffee house version of WWF or something? I mean WWE.

    I can see it now. TREE HOUSE! RAW!!!!!

    Next week’s card:

    John Brennan vs. A.J. Visgil

    TAG TEAM SPECIAL: August Sky vs. Entheos

    Cynthia Bennett vs. Sarah Allen

    and finally . . . . . .

    Current World Champion (i.e. treehouse open mic host) Ben Garvey vs. Ex-Chamption (i.e. treehouse open mic host) Roz King

    tune in EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT EIGHT! see local TV listings for time and channel

  27. well that crunkin’ rule sucks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Maybe Ben can put together a wrestling-themed Open Mic…everyone has to wear wrestling masks, capes, and tights, and sign up under clever names. The stage can have ropes and turnbucklesBen can get someone else to run the sound, dressed in a ref uniform, and at some point during the open mic they get knocked out and it’s a free for all.

  29. I hate wrestling. I understand this is a joke, but wrestling is already a joke.

  30. so joke upon joke should be FUNNY TIMES TWO!!!! ^_^

    or maybe i just try too hard.