Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Ugh. I had this thing already written out and then my browser window crashed. It was a good night at the Tree House and the first time under the “No Cursing” rule they recently imposed. Everyone seemed to be respectful of it. I thought the PA sounded awesome and hopefully it will sound that good every week.

Ben Garvey (host) – I played Headstart, Thesis, Nirvana’s On a Plain, and Jackass and Lord Only Knows, both by Beck.

Jim – Helped me out early on by doing some rythmic instrumentals when no one else wanted to play. I liked it.

Cynthia Bennett – On Thursday she tried out for a local band. Look out for her if she gets the gig.

AJ – I’m becoming a bigger fan of AJ every week. He did an awesome Radiohead cover and a few originals. He should be gigging everywhere.

Jason Vertucio – I’m impressed he could sing loud enough to be heard without a microphone. He also taught us the important lesson that song titles can’t normally be copyrighted. Sadly, Third Eye Blind snuck into one of his original songs.

Sarah Allen – She showed off some of the knowledge Roz has been imparting on her during weekly guitar lessons. Maybe she can give me some lessons. I’ve been playing guitar for almost nine years to the day and she’s way better than me.

Roz King – A very, very good set by Roz. His voice sounded awesome.

Willie Tapps – He was great, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

Bob Michel – I like having Bob and Willie play one after the other because their setup is the same. I want Bob’s 12 string and his beret. I’m kidding about one of those.

John Brennan – Actually, I should get slide guitar
lessons from John, since I recently got one and I sound like poop with it. He likes doing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, which he did.

Bob – I wish Bob would have played Soundgarden’s Limo Wreck as requested. That’s one of the only Soundgarden songs I still kind of like.

The Forest Greens – I think I like Eric on the acoustic better than the electric. He just needs to play into the mic more. Other than that they were fine.

Jay and Brady – Jason Vetucio and his friend Brady got up to do Brown Eyed Girl (and they forgot who wrote it!) and Last Kiss in the Pearl Jam style. It turned into a sing along, which are only suitable after 10:30PM.


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    Hey I’m blogging

  2. to this day sarah allen will be better than many of us who’ve been playing forever

    and i get the feeling you don’t like my taaste in music much.

    i bet you don’t like goo goo dolls, fuel, pete yorn, or billy joel either.

  3. goo goo dolls – bad
    fuel – bad
    pete yorn – I have his first album and I almost like it. I don’t really like how the drums sounds, but other than that it isn’t bad.
    billy joel – The guy has so much stuff that it’s impossible not to like or dislike some of it. I wouldn’t call myself a big fan.

  4. Posted the link.

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    I found your Bananarama CD….it got into my collection somehow. I’ll send it right away.

  6. Damn right you better send it.

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    Wow I’ve learned so much already from !!!