Sad Fact

It’s pretty pathetic that I hurt my foot on Sunday running to an ATM machine about 100 meters away. Another sad fact is that I need to replace the horribly cheesy photo of me in the sunglasses up there at the top if you’re using the default theme. It was supposed to be temporary and it has hung around too long.


4 responses to “Sad Fact”

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    “100 meters away”? What are you British? Unless you were running on an Olympic track we don’t tolerate metric in this country!

  2. I ran track for a few years in High School, so I have a good idea of metric distances.

    We should all be on the metric system anyway.

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    Naw…if Ben were British, he would’ve written “100 metres”. Though Ben has been mistaken for a Brit before…remember Aroma, Ben?

  4. I don’t know if we were mistaken for Brits that night or just Euro-trash in general. I think that girls exact words were, “Those guys definitely aren’t from the United States.”